These agencies have not completed and/or submitted any of the membership application forms but either have expressed interest in joining or have participated in the Network. The application forms can be located under the "Membership Application" tab located at the top of the homepage.

Agencies are welcome to send their representatives to any area of the world for CSPN events. Request an email notification when events are added below.

Overview of Events Types

Annual Conference:

This multi-day event offers a variety of child safety workshops covering BPS, advanced ITT training, and other professional development opportunities to representatives from CSPN member agencies (or those planning to apply). Annual conferences are now held in the USA and Asia, and we are working toward them being held in Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Call for Topics/Presenters: Please contact us with your ideas.  

Orientation to CSPN:

This half day event offers the foundational overview to the Child Safety and Protection Network. It is a prerequisite for every individual attending CSPN events, and is available immediately preceding them, or is offered as part of a one-day conference which also includes an overview of CSPN Best Practice Standards (BPS).

ITT (Investigative Team Training):

This 3 day event offers intensive training for how to respond to child abuse reports as laid out in the CSPN Best Practice Standards (BPS). It is recommended an agency sends 2-4 representatives to the same ITT event. Prerequisites: The agency must be a CSPN member at the Associate or a Full level, and the representatives it sends must attend an Orientation to CSPN (see above) and commit to attending every ITT session. 

2015 Events

  • Africa Area- CSPN Conference and ITT - November 9-13, 2015 held in Kenya. Registration coming soon.
  • Asia Area- CSPN Conference and ITT - November 9-13, 2015 held in Malaysia. Registration coming soon.

2016 Events

  • Pacific Area - CSPN Conference and ITT - January 11-15, 2016 held in PNG. Registration coming soon.

You can request an email notification when additional events are announced here.

Now Open

Below are the events now available for registration. Click the "Read more... " for more information and to register. 

These agencies have completed and submitted the "Associate Member Application Form" and been approved. These agencies have secured the buy-in and commitment from their  leadership to join the Network and adopt and implement the Best Practice Standards.  They are drafting or updating written child safety policies & procedures for their  agency and are working toward but not yet in full compliance with the standards.  They have a realistic timetable for completion of agency compliance with the BPS.

Contact Us

Child Safety and Protection Network
7255 W. Camp Wisdom Road
Dallas, Texas 75236-5623

*CSPN is a collaborative network of organizations working towards common child safety policies and  is not a legal or welfare service. If you have a child safety report or concern, you need to contact legal counsel, the appropriate government authorities, or those responsible for child safety in your organization. 

Our Mission

The Child Safety and Protection Network supports the common desire of like-minded agencies and schools to provide safe and rich experiences for all children. Through this network, we are resolved to collaborate in our efforts to:

  • Develop and deliver child safety education and curriculum
  • Share quality resources to promote child safety and
  • Develop effective response and care protocols