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Child Safety and Protection Network

Upcoming CSPN Events

Asia Area - CSPN Conf & ITT - Malaysia
November 9-13, 2015
Information coming soon

Africa Area - CSPN Conf & ITT - Kenya
November 9-13, 2015
Information coming soon

Pacific  Area CSPN Conf & ITT - PNG
January 11-15, 2016
Information coming soon



The Child Safety & Protection Network is a collaborative network of mission agencies, faith based NGOs and international Christian schools intentionally and strategically addressing the issues of child protection. The Network began in September 2006 and now has 64 organizations who are part of the network.

One of the outcomes of the network collaboration has been the creation of mandatory minimums called "Best Practice Standards for Child Safety" which were adopted by the Network organizations formally in January 2009.

The Network also facilitates sharing of resources in both prevention and response and collaboration and consultation on response teams.

Joining the Network involves submitting an initial application, attedning at least one CSPN meeting in your area of the world within a year to make use of the resources and training available and taking advantage of the networking opportunities, then working towards establishing your agency child safety policy in a way that meets the Best Practice Standards.

To view and complete the initial application click on the "Membership Application" tab at the top of this page.

If you have additional questions, contact our Administrative Assistant.


One of the key tools that the Network offers is its conferences where we gather to share ideas and resources concerning proactive approaches to child safety and protection. For more information on CSPN Conferences check out the "News" and/or "Events" tabs above.


By sharing ideas and practices from the network organizations, many forged in extremely difficult and painful situations, a body of best practice knowledge has emerged. Network members have access to this body of knowledge.


An extensive library of documents, policy papers from member organizations, powerpoint and presentation notes are available for download to registered site members.


Member organizations have member care staff all around the world, providing close support and encouragement in all areas.

btn_international_training CSPN offers child safety training in different regions of the world each year. See the upcoming conferences listings to find an opportunity to assisst your international staff in getting the training that they need and that you require.
btn_peer_mentoring By providing a close network of members, peer consulting and mentoring is available as members share their expertise and resources with each other.